Cloud Computing and Security News
September 21, 2014 02:03

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AMD makes new bet on cloud computing – Austin American-Statesman


AMD makes new bet on cloud computingAustin American-StatesmanAdvanced Micro Devices last week lifted the curtain its latest foray into cloud computing, with an open-source product designed to give businesses their own easy-to-use private cloud. The new SeaMicro SM15000 server is based on OpenStack, … Read more here…


Accidents happen. That's why the cloud needs a crumple zone – Gigaom


Gigaom Accidents happen. That’s why the cloud needs a crumple zoneGigaomSo, how can we design crumple zones into our cloud security strategy? First and foremost, we must develop a risk appetite for breach – we need to accept the inevitable. Second, we need to design compensating controls. If we assume a breach will happen, … Read […]