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May 5, 2015 13:17

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Private Biz vs Public Platform, Does Anonymous really get it?

Not a knock on Facebook, Not a critique of Anonymous…. Just some common sense.  Is Facebook really censoring as the tweet claims, or is this just crying foul while crying wolf? Imagine you are a restaurant owner. You own and run a nice family oriented bistro, and a couple of drunks come in, cause a […]

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Blog Critique of Anonymous kicks-off VPS snapshot backup

Disclaimer: Preventative Measures Not automagically, but before we write a post that may be construed as being even slightly critical of everyone’s favorite hacktivists, we thought it prudent to take a snapshot of our current vps for easy restoration against an unprovoked attack. Why not? We have the space, and snapshots are free as long […]

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Welcome Fellow “Cloudizens” – A definition for a new era

Definition – Cloudizen: Cloud-i-zen noun  /cloudizen/  /-sen/ cloudizens, plural An inhabitant of the cloud, one whom works, plays, and lives in the cloud. – becoming a cloudizen of Netflix – Hear ye’ all EC2 cloudizens. – Several BPOS cloudizens have been affected.

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Google Plus Games now opening up

  Don’t have a Google Plus Account yet? Feeling left out? Google Plus Games are opening up…………….. +1 this post, Like our FB page, Connect to us on Linkedin, or Follow us on twitter. Then leave your email in the comments of this post for a Google Plus invite and get ready to play games!!! […]

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