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May 22, 2015 15:02

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Goodbye Personal Computers. Hello Personal Cloud. | CloudTimes

And here is thy corporate future… two years from now, personal computer will take a back seat. The personal cloud will be the new sun of the corporate solar system. It will be the everyone’s most important possession… which is strange because it’s not tangible. That, however, is beside the point.  Gartner’s scientific crystal ball […]

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The new flip floppers

flip-flop is so passe’ With the seeming increased acceptance of political flip-flopping, the once admonished activity has crept its way, with the same acceptance into the tech corporate world. Three of the latest examples are Hewlett Packard on webos, and pc’s, and Oracle on cloudcompute.   Oracle: Oct. 2009 Larry Ellison bashes cloud as just […]

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Cloudfront, Not your Grandpa’s definition

  Definition – Cloudfront: Cloud-front noun /cloudfront/ cloudfronts, plural The virtual disposition of innovators, and advocates of cutting edge cloud technologies. – interesting concepts developed at the cloudfront – fast moving companies on the cloudfront. – cloudfront advocates UNITE!

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